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CRIPSiE is seeking a General Manager

General Manager Position

Position Summary:

CRIPSiE is in need of an organized, knowledgeable, part-time general manager to assist our leadership–both the board of directors and the artistic associates–in various aspects of our day-to-day operations: communications, governance, finances, mentorship, administration, events, and other general management areas. We are looking for an enthusiastic general manager who will play an active role in the company as we strengthen our foundation, grow our community, and expand our programming.

Hours and Compensation:

Part-time, up to 40 hours a month, at $25 an hour with the potential of more hours during peak season


Work-from-home and in-person (when safe to do so)


We are seeking an individual who has experience with not-for-profit and/or art organizations. Having lived experience with disability or marginalization is considered a strong asset. Experience with accessible practices and dance/performance as well as previous working experience with the disability community is also an asset.

About CRIPSiE:

The Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton (CRIPSiE) is an integrated dance company based out of Edmonton that aims to make dance and other forms of art accessible for all–both for the artists who create and perform the art as well as the audience. We strive to remove barriers–financial, physical, emotional–so as to allow our artists to fully engage in the process. We are a diverse group of individuals with differing backgrounds and places in life that come together to form a community of artists. CRIPSiE is led by an artist collective, the artistic associates, who work collectively to lead and enact the artistic vision of our company and the artists we serve.


The general manager will report to a member of the board who will act as a supervisor and their point of contact for any issues that arise. There will also be a designated artistic associate as a point of contact for any issues involving the artistic aspects of our operations.


  • Present a general manager and artistic associate report at all board meetings

  • Act as a liaison between the board and the artistic associates, relaying information and coordinating calendars

  • Design and share posts on social media

  • Create and send regular newsletters to our community

  • Create and maintain the company’s annual calendar with the artistic associates

  • Manage CRIPSiE email:

    • Respond promptly to inquiries in consult with the artistic associates

    • Serve as primary contact for granting, government, and other official agencies

    • Serve as primary contact for instructors, venues, artists, and community members

Note: communication tasks may be adjusted based on current artistic associates’ areas of strength and desired tasks

Governance Activities:

  • Assist with updating company’s core documents

    • Work with the leadership team to update and comply with the mission, vision, and values of the organization

    • Work with the leadership team to create and/or update policies, procedures, and codes of conduct based on community feedback

Financial Operations:

  • Oversee financial operations to ensure operations are running as planned:

    • Maintain the company’s books, banking, and financials

    • Prepare the company’s financials for the yearly audit and complete the year-end financial statements, with the help of the treasurer and an accountant (if necessary)

    • Complete all T4As

    • Complete and submit the company’s tax return

    • File charitable return

    • Act as primary payroll contact


  • Research, compile and submit project grants in collaboration with the artistic associates along with a timeline of important deadlines

  • Complete and submit the company’s EAC Operating Grant


  • Ensure the company meets all AGLC requirements for casino funding and reports to the AGLC

  • Make sure the company’s bylaws, list of directors, and other documents are correct and up to date with Alberta Registries

  • Issue and complete accurate donation receipts for all donations received, not related to ATB Cares

  • Renew ATB Cares/Benevity Certificate each year

  • Secure the appropriate insurance for all venues and projects the company undertakes, including Directors Insurance

  • Complete tasks necessary to maintain our CRA charitable status

  • Get approval for and purchase all necessary supplies for the company

  • Maintain the company’s files and archives


  • Attend all board meetings and monthly artistic associate meetings as well as any additional meetings as necessary (absences can be approved on a case-by-case basis)

    • Assist, as necessary, with preparing documents and reports

    • Research and respond to requests for information


  • Represent the company in a professional manner at community events throughout the year

  • Coordinate supplies, volunteers, and delivery services to ensure that events are accessible to our community and staff


  • Provide mentorship for any general manager tasks our leadership team wish to learn


  • Help the leadership team stay on top of administrative and artistic task deadlines


How to Apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter to Deadline to apply: April 30th, 2022


General Manager Position - CRIPSiE
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