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About Us

CRIPSiE, the Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton, is committed to fostering high quality, creative, anti-oppressive and inclusive art practices and performances. CRIPSiE builds upon over a decade of vibrant integrated dance experience in Edmonton. We are a charitable arts organization run by artists who experience disability or other forms of oppression, and by their artistic and political allies. 

We run three programs:

  • We create and produce high-quality integrated dance, and performances

  • We create and show high-quality video

  • We run workshops, classes, and do consulting to support and encourage more accessible arts and communities


High Quality Crip and Mad Art
CRIPSiE strives for crip and mad aesthetics in our work. Crip and mad aesthetics involve celebrating and exploring the generative possibilities of 'disability' and 'mental illness,' in terms of how these experiences can offer important alternative perspectives on art processes, form, and content​.


Supporting Accessible Arts in Edmonton
Through our own artistic practices, and through our workshops, classes, and consulting we strive to support the accessibility and inclusivity of high-quality performing arts in Edmonton more broadly. If you are interested in accessible or integrated arts contact us to:

  • Join our company classes

  • Join our choreography and composition program 

  • Book us for a public performance or workshop on integrated arts and creative processes

  • Book a consultation, workshop, or venue audit to help make your organization's art practices more accessible and inclusive

Our Mission, Mandate, and Values

CRIPSiE, the Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton, is committed to generating high quality, creative, anti-oppressive and inclusive art practices and performances.

CRIPSiE strives to develop a more equitable, accessible, vibrant, and engaged artistic community in Edmonton.

We are committed to developing the artistic and leadership capacities of individuals or groups of artists who experience disability as well as other forms of oppression or marginalization.

We are committed to supporting the development and promotion of amateur and professional performance, video and dance-based art.

We strive to recognize and change artistic and organizational practices that contribute to social inequality and oppression.

We strive to support relationships and practices of interdependence, and to engage these relationships and practices to create revelatory, moving and provocative art.

Our Objectives

1.  To advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by producing public art exhibitions, presentations, and performance art(s) events, and by providing a forum for qualified artists to exhibit, present, or perform their artistic works through participation in such events.

2.  To advance education by providing structured learning activities such as courses, instructional seminars, and workshops about performing and visual arts, and by providing opportunities for artists to publicly exhibit, present, or perform their works, or develop their crafts or skills in conjunction with these learning activities.

Our Artists

CRIPSiE includes artists who experience disability and other forms of social oppression. We also include artists who are allies, and who are wanting to work towards more socially just communities.

Our Leadership

CRIPSiE's artistic and daily organization business is run by a group of Artistic Associates who are active CRIPSiE artists voted in annually. CRIPSiE is governed by a non-profit arms-length board of directors voted in annually by the society's members. Currently, we are functioning as a Collective Model where the Artistic Associates work with the board to run a thriving arts organization.

Active Artistic Associates:

Alison Neuman
Erin Newman

Nicolle Marie Elliot

Board of Directors:
Heath Birkholz

Kristi Hansen

Harmanie Rose

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