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CRIPSiE Creation to Production Emerging Artist Mentorship Program
Formerly Choreography Mentorship Program 

CRIPSiE’s Creation to Production Emerging Artist Mentorship Program is a two-year collaborative creation-to-production model for choreographers to bring their projects from creation to production to present their new work. CRIPSiE Edmonton can support two creators for the 2024-2026 season.

CRIPSiE connects participants to experienced leaders in the arts community for learning and building their skills in choreography, the business of art, and production. 

Who is this program for?

This program is for choreographers who wish to be supported in creating a work of their size and scope and learn the process. The program will accept two individuals who wish to learn choreography and production skills to bring their pieces from creation to production. The participant is financially responsible for getting grants and sponsorship to pay for their work if it exceeds the amount given by CRIPSiE, but the participant will receive mentorship in grant applications and grant writing to support their vision.

Participants are given limited funds to develop and produce a small piece but are supported with information for the grant process with the potential to make a larger project financially possible. Participants will also be given guaranteed space to attend CRIPSiE production workshops and learn about the business of art, along with shadowing opportunities. Participants will have a performance space in our bi-yearly fall show, a choreography fee, and they will be included in CRIPSiE’s fall show marketing.

Multiple choreographers are not possible within the scope of the mentorship program. 

The participant is responsible for getting funding above the amount CRIPSiE provides with the mentorship program.

Each participant will receive:

  • Participant access needs by CRIPSiE (Live transcription. ASL, Childcare, Transportation, etc.) for participants

  • 10 Hours of Mentorship time - with CRIPSiE provided choreography mentor

Five hours virtually - year one

Four hours virtually - year two

One Hour in-person - year two

  • Four virtual hours of additional mentorship – with professionals of the participant’s choosing

  • Two hours with a grant writer

  • Ten hours of support from CRIPSiE Leadership on administration and producer activities (example: how to submit a grant, hiring a designer, booking rehearsal space, etc.)

  • A review from CRIPSiE’s Grant Writing team of an individual artist grant application for feedback

  • One 5-10 minute performance space in CRIPSiE’S 2026 Fall Show

  • A choreographer fee payment for the CRIPSiE Fall Show performance (to be determined)

  • $2,000 for their project (artist fees, costume, music or writing*, etc.)

$500 paid December 1, 2024 - pending invoice detailing expenses

$500 Paid May 1, 2025 - pending invoice detailing expenses

$500 Paid December 1, 2025 - pending invoice detailing expenses

$500 Paid May 1, 2026 - pending invoice detailing expenses

  • $150 payment - A performance spot in our partner community organization’s shows (in CRIPSiE spot) as available

  • $150 - Presentation Fee Honorarium for CRIPSiE 2026 Fall Show

  • A reserved spot in all the CRIPSiE production workshops 

  • One shadowing opportunity in creation (for example, watching a rehearsal and discussion with a choreographer other than the mentor)

  • One shadowing opportunity in a production element (such as stage management, lighting design, organization leading up to the show, marketing, etc.)

  • Networking with artists and soundscapes and accessing service provider contact information for participants to book their artists' needs.  

  • Six hours of studio rehearsal time (including insurance) – booked by CRIPSiE at a vetted venue

  • A showcase of twenty seconds of their work on CRIPSiE’s social media

Program runs from September 2024 to October 2026 - not including July and August but with flexibility for activities for grant application deadlines.


Applications are open 

You can apply through the Google form here or by sending us a video of no more than five minutes that answers the questions below to Please, no fancy video editing or flashing items or colours in the video, as this can cause seizures and migraines.


Questions to answer on video

  • Why do you want to take the Creation to Production program with CRIPSiE?

  • What are the barriers you have faced that have prevented you from learning these skills in the past?

  • What part of this program are you most excited about?

  • What is one goal (or more) that you would like to accomplish with this program?

  • What production element are you most interested in learning about? 

  • What creation or choreographic element do you struggle with the most?

  • How much choreography and production experience do you have? If you have none, no worries, just let us know. 

  • Do you already have an idea for what you want to create?

  • What is your timeline?

  • What is your budget, meaning what do you expect your expenses to be, and where will you find your revenue?

  • What accessibility needs do they require to make it successful - individual applying only? (PSW, ASL, Scheduling, Transportation,  etc.) - be very specific?

Please also confirm your understanding of funding responsibility by saying,  “I am responsible for any funding or administrative support above the amount CRIPSiE provides with the mentorship program, as detailed in the description.”

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