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We are looking to grow our CRIPSiE crew of producers, designers, stage managers, technicians, and performers, and we were wondering if you could please share our Skilled Creator Call Out link with your friends and community. OR perhaps you are a Skilled Creator that we are looking for!

Use this link to fill out the Google Form:

CRIPSiE (The Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton) is an Edmonton-based collective of artists that include people who experience disability and their allies. We challenge dominant stories of disability and other forms of oppression through high-quality crip and mad performance art, video art, as well as public education and outreach programs.

(Image is a group of dancers in mid movement on a stage.)


CRIPSiE Board is pleased to announce a new chapter in CRIPSiE, and introduce our new artists leadership and our decision making model.

After many years of AA collective programming leadership, The Artistic Associates and the Board of Directors have decided to place Alison Neuman in the Artistic Leadership role, as Co-Artistic Producer. She will be working with Krista Lin as Administrative Manager and Rebecca Bissonnette as Operations Manager.

Together, this team will be responsible for producing CRIPSiE programming and running day-to-day operations of the organization. The change is a result of increasingly limited capacity from Artistic Associates and a collective desire from both Alison, Artistic Associates and the Board to allow for great programming to be produced and created for CRIPSiE membership.  

Artistic Associates and the Board of Directors will be consulted to give feedback on season and workshop programming each year to ensure CRIPSiE leadership is creating what CRIPSiE members and dancers want. CRIPSiE will also be recruiting Disabled/Deaf/Mad/Neurodivergent creative talent across the country to work with us in producing impactful community-engaged performances. CRIPSiE will continue to build capacity within the local community.

To work with CRIPSiE, please contact for questions regarding these changes, please contact 

(Image is the CRIPSiE logo - a white background with the blue and maroon CRIPSiE symbol. The words CRIPSiE Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton in black.)


Are you interested in contributing to CRISPiE's growth and change? Do you know someone who would make a great contribution to CRIPSiE?

CRIPSiE is looking for a wide range of arts workers, dance artists, and arts supporters to contribute to our Board of Directors who have lived or learned experience with d/Disability or an interest in learning more about d/Disability arts work.

As CRIPSiE continues to grow in its capacity as an organization, we hope that other individuals invested in the future of the CRIPSiE will feel inspired to contribute their time by sitting on the board of directors.

Over a two-year term, new board members will assist with fundraising, membership recruitment, support the Artistic Leadership in their programming, and help steer the organization toward creating a strong d/Disability arts community in Edmonton.

Please let us know if you (or someone you know) would be interested in helping shape CRIPSiE as it moves forward by emailing New board members will be voted in at our AGM in April of 2024.

(Image is a white and maroon background with a pink hand holding a blue microphone. Blue letters say "we need you" and white letters say "board members")


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