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New Leadership!

CRIPSiE Board is pleased to announce a new chapter in CRIPSiE, and introduce our new artists leadership and our decision making model.

After many years of AA collective programming leadership, The Artistic Associates and the Board of Directors have decided to place Alison Neuman in the Artistic Leadership role, as Co-Artistic Producer. She will be working with Krista Lin as Administrative Manager and Rebecca Bissonnette as Operations Manager.

Together, this team will be responsible for producing CRIPSiE programming and running day-to-day operations of the organization. The change is a result of increasingly limited capacity from Artistic Associates and a collective desire from both Alison, Artistic Associates and the Board to allow for great programming to be produced and created for CRIPSiE membership.  

Artistic Associates and the Board of Directors will be consulted to give feedback on season and workshop programming each year to ensure CRIPSiE leadership is creating what CRIPSiE members and dancers want. CRIPSiE will also be recruiting Disabled/Deaf/Mad/Neurodivergent creative talent across the country to work with us in producing impactful community-engaged performances. CRIPSiE will continue to build capacity within the local community.

To work with CRIPSiE, please contact for questions regarding these changes, please contact 

(Image is the CRIPSiE logo - a white background with the blue and maroon CRIPSiE symbol. The words CRIPSiE Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton in black.)


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