Film and Video Art

New Constellation: A Dance-umentary (2013)
This 37-minute video is a dance on film and documentary, and features critical disability insights and

stunning performance footage from Edmonton's integrated dance performance community (formerly iDANCE, now CRIPSiE)
Filmmakers: Justin DuVal, Lindsay Eales, Danielle Peers & Roxanne Ulanicki
Featuring: iDANCE performers (now CRIPSiE)
Produced by: CRIPSiE       

Music by: Ben Spencer



Unfurl  (2014)
A 4 minute dance-on-film made with the Solidance community class that explores dance as contagious

and rebellious . 
Film by: Danielle Peers & Lindsay Eales
Featuring: Solidance community class members
Produced by: CRIPSiE



Other-wise  (2013)
A short dance-based video-art project that explores crip/queer identities, experiences and relationships. This was one of four movement-based vignettes collectively named inter-relationcrips, commissioned by Stage Left Productions as part of their 10th anniversary show Women's Work.

Film by: Danielle Peers & Lindsay Eales of CRIPSiE

Special thanks to Markus Alexander.



Dazzled  (2013)
This short dance on film features the poetry and dancing of iDANCE's community class members of spring 2013. It explores the freedom, joy and community that springtime brings.
Filmmakers: Lindsay Eales & Danielle Peers
Featuring: iDANCE community class members
Produced by: CRIPSiE



Pieces of Us  (2012)
This short dance on film was made as part of iDANCE's community class. It explores creative movement and communities. All images and most of the music (made from dancer sounds) were created by class members.
Filmmakers: Lindsay Eales & Danielle Peers
Featuring: iDANCE community class members
Produced by: CRIPSiE



iDANCE, Dance, Dance   (2011)
A dance on film made by The Good Women Dance Collective about iDANCE
Filmmaker: Ainsley Hillyard (Good Women)
Featuring: Roxanne Ulanicki with iDANCE community class members
Produced by: The Good Women Dance Collective
CRIPSiE connection: Many of the dancers



G.I.M.P. Bootcamp   (2006)
A 7-minute auto-biographical satire that explores how Danielle learns how to act like the inspirational-yet-consistantly-disabled person that people expect.
Filmmakers: Danielle Peers & Melisa Brittain
Produced by: KingCrip Productions
CRIPSiE connection: Filmmaker Danielle Peers